1. How do I make an account on ?
You can simply click the button REGISTER placed on the top of the website and then you can choose your type of account: Independent Escort, Agency or Normal User.

All escort registrations are FREE of charge  only if you keep OUR ABC RULES:

A. you will place our banner codes and link on your homepage, on your website!

B. your data will be accurate and complete, with good quality images  – width of at least 600px  and maximum 1000px.

C. your images will NOT contain logo or text on them

If  you do not want to respect the ABC rules from above, you can opt for a paid Registration

Agencies are allowed 5 FREE PROFILES, with pictures without logo, for the extra profiles or promotion features you can choose one of the OFFERS for you: 

Check our PRICE LIST!

Furthermore, all escort accounts  on should have:
Accurate data
Photos of good quality for which you have copyright and that represent you / your escorts
Accounts should be completed with information and data within 2 days from registration

If you do not respect our rules we reserve the right to terminate your account without notifying you!!

The escort accounts that don’t meet our demands will be deleted. You can only register with one account; duplicate accounts will also be deleted.

All new escort accounts will be displayed on our homepage and you can look for it at “Newly added escorts”.



2. How to edit my profile and ad pictures?
First you need to LOG IN with your chosen username/ e-mail address and password. Then you will notice to your right My Account options which will expand at mouse-over. Here you will find anything you want to edit as you can see from the images below:
Do not worry if your country is not on our list, it will be added when you complete your profile!

3. What do I do if I can’t log in or I can’t find my profile?
If you can’t log in, try to reset your password by clicking “Lost your password?” in the login page. If you have done that and still have problems contact us at:
If you can’t find your profile it means that your account has been disabled or deleted and you should contact us at:

4. What does VERIFIED mean and how can I get VERIFIED?
All escorts and agencies are asked to upload photos with themselves and with their escorts, for which they have copyright. VERIFIED is a free service that certifies that the images posted on your account are indeed yours and that clients cannot be deceived by these photos.

In order to get VERIFIED you can upload a passport copy or a HOME MADE photo, which should NOT be taken in a photo studio or processed through Photoshop. For the VERIFIED photo you must have in your hands a paper with the words “Photo Model World Wide”. All photos for VERIFIED are private and will not be published!
You can get VERIFIED after you log in, at My Account options > Verified status as you can see below:


5. How to ADVERTISE my account as escort / escort agency?
We offer you a bunch of opportunities to advertise your escort account and get more attention from your clients. If you wish to advertise with us you can choose to be a PREMIUM escort or the ultimate position as FEATURED Escort, which elevates you above all escorts as a TOP Escort. You can also buy some of the adds space for banners – leaderboard – top, sides, and bottom banner.

Check our PRICE LIST! In order to advertise you can simply contact us on e-mail and tell us what you would like:

6. What does PREMIUM mean how can I get the PREMIUM mark?
PREMIUM is an advertising service for escorts that choose a better exposure on If you choose PREMIUM your account will be recommended on our homepage at Premium Escorts for one month.
To get the PREMIUM service you will have to pay so please contact us:

7. How to become a TOP Escort?
FEATURED  Escorts are the accounts recommended as TOP ESCORTS on our homepage, with the best advertising position, bigger images and direct invitation to view your account through View Escort.

This service offers advertising space for a month, and if you choose this service for 3 months you can profit by some of our offers. In order to be a TOP Escort you will have to pay, so please contact us:

8. How do I disable/ delete my profile?
If you decide that you want to disable your account or permanently delete it from please contact us at and we will help you with that.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions that are not posted on our FAQ page!

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